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80,000    (Inclusive of GST)

Enjoy bold sound for TV, music, and more with Sonos In-Wall by Sonance. Power these wired speakers with Amp for the full Sonos experience, including custom Trueplay� tuning.

The sound of Sonos � from in-wall speakers

If you love the sound and style of Sonos speakers, but need something even more discreet, then check out these top quality in-wall speakers. Designed to fit into your room�s walls, these speakers virtually �disappear� from sight yet still offer the rich, powerful sound you expect from Sonos.

Style to match

Finished in �Sonos White� and featuring the smooth Sonos house style, these speakers blend seamlessly with the rest of your Sonos system.

Smooth, powerful sound from Sonos by Sonance

Designed and built in conjunction with audio specialists, Sonance, the Sonos In-Wall speakers sound every bit the premium product you�d expect. Featuring the smooth, powerful sound that Sonos is famous for, these speakers sound crisp, clear and more powerful than you�d expect from their size � just like Sonos Play speakers.

Optimise with Trueplay

Optimised for the Sonos Amp, the In-Wall speakers are designed from scratch to work with Sonos�s famous Trueplay system. With Trueplay engaged on your Sonos Amp, the system accounts for your room�s size, construction and furnishings and automatically adjusts for the best possible sound.

Power up to three pairs from a single Sonos Amp

As part of the Sonos Architectural range, the In-Wall Speakers work seamlessly with the Sonos Amp. Capable of driving up to three pairs of speakers from a single Sonos Amp, you can add acoustically matched speakers in the ceiling and outside, as well as in the wall.

Spread Sonos sound discreetly around your home, with the Sonos In-Wall speakers.


Speaker Type

Wall Speaker


Frequency Response (Hz)

44 - 20,000

Impedance (ohms)


Power Rating (Watts)


Sensitivity (dB)



Cut out

273 x 176


Weight (KG)


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