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Revival Audio Speakers (France) – Also being launched in India

New Brand in India

REVIVAL Audio (France)
The speaker designer behind the brand Mr. Daniel Emonts, aims to address discerning Music Lovers. The custodians of the finer nuances & delicate art of perfection in stereo.

– About
With its designer, having experience from top brands since last 40years, Revival Audio wishes to convey emotion and sense of realism with that very experience of 4 decades.

– Models
Atlante 5 |
Stand 5 |

Atlante 3 |
Stand 3 |

– How to Buy
Usually Available via select partners across Indian cities.
If there isnt one in your location then, please contact –

Gurgaon, INDIA
Dealerships & B2B : 096968 21821

Representing in India:
– Revival Audio France, Finest Speakers from France
– Atoll Electronique France for Stereo Setups
– CAYIN Tube Amplifiers for Luxury Stereo
– PSI Audio Speakers, Switzerland
– Sound Labs Multichannel Power Amplifiers

**Original product images.
**Stands for both speakers, with spikes finished in Gold.